Hennessey Turn McLaren 12C Into A Rocket

We saw Hennessey Performance give some special attention to the Ferrari 458 spider recently so I was wondering when they would share some McLaren 12C mental-ness with us. Well here we go and it is properly fast! It is called the Hennessey McLaren HPE700 and it turns into a rocket as it hits 4000rpm. The 458 Italia spider had twin-turbo’s fitted which pushed the output up to 700hp so to make it fair they did the same to the 12C except it already has twin-turbo’s. They gave it a boost of 88hp thanks to ECU update, upgraded intercooler and a stainless steel exhaust. The 0 to 100 km/h time is now just 2.8 seconds. That allows it to join the elite sub-3-second club and in my eyes that is serious performance. Hennessey charge just $19 500 for this upgrade which is not all that bad. Who would do this to their 12C?

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