Audi Quattro Nanuk Headed for Production?

Once again money talks and apparently if there is enough interest, then Audi will build a production version of the crossover concept. Development boss, Ulrich Hackenburg said “We’re thinking about the Arabian market, but also cold areas. Russia is very interesting. It has to be marketed at customers with money”. If it does go to production I would imagine the twin-turbo V10 diesel powered engine would be replaced with a V10 petrol Lamborghini unit (which is a great thing). I hope the potential new owners take out the correct car insurance because the premium on a ‘supercar’ that has the capability of an off-road vehicle will be astronomical (not that it matters for these customers). It certainly is not the best looking car out there by any means but it looks like a serious blast to drive. We will have to wait and see if enough sheikhs and oil magnates ask Audi to make them one…

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