McLaren and Jenson Button Launch The 12C GREAT

Introducing the McLaren 12C GREAT. Which as you can see is dedicated to Great Britain. This campaign has started to let the world know that Britain is a leader in innovation and what better way to showcase this than wrapping one of the fastest cars in the world in this scheme. Jenson Button was on board to help launch this car and although it looks rather special, it is identical to the standard 12C on the inside.

“McLaren is proud to be an ambassador for British innovation and to support the GREAT campaign. The UK has led the world in the development of technologies which have changed people’s lives, from the jet engine to the internet. I believe that we are now seeing a resurgence of that pioneering spirit and McLaren is playing its part. The McLaren 12C is a tangible embodiment of technological creativity and I hope with that with its GREAT livery it will help draw international attention to what the UK’s high-tech industry is capable of, and inspire young people at home.” – CEO of McLaern Group, Martin Whitmarsh

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