Video: Jay Leno Buys McLaren P1 Before Driving It

If you do not know that Jay Leno is one of the biggest petrol heads in the world then you have been hiding somewhere you shouldn’t be. What makes him stand out is that he can actually afford any car his heart desires. Seeing as he owns both McLaren production models (F1 and 12C), McLaren flew him out to Woking where he got behind the wheel of the new P1 hypercar. Jay placed an order for one before he drove one and that is probably because he can’t spend what he earns and he quite likes McLaren. The video below shows Mr. Leno’s drive in the P1 accompanied by the McLaren test driver, Chris Goodwin. When he takes delivery of the P1 (early next year), he will be giving his wife the 12C and using this as his daily driver. Tough life!

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