10 Supercars Seized in Malaysia For Not Paying Tax

One thing I was told before I started earning a salary was to always pay your taxes. With this being said there are still many very rich individuals who just think they do not need to do this and this was recently proven in Malaysia when more than 10 very sexy supercars were seized because their owners were not paying tax.

The owners eluded the tax on their cars after registering them in the United States and then bringing them into Malaysia. Sad thing is, the government worked this out quite quickly and confiscated their beauties. Among the line-up we have Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 458’s, Lamborghini Gallardo’s and what looks like a Murcielago SV. I am quite sure they will get their cars back after they pay the required penalty or fine. Quite nice that the authorities lined them up in perfect colour order, hahaha!

[Source: AutoGespot]
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