Lambo Aventador Crashed Into Highway Wall In San Francisco

Another Lamborghini Aventador has been crashed making it the 2nd one in as many weeks. Just last week we saw the Verde Scandal Aventador that flipped after losing control in California and although this one is not as bad, it still hurts me deep down to see such a stunning car damaged like that. This accident happened on the freeway near 14th and Valencia in San Francisco and witnesses say that the car just slammed into the freeway wall while cruising along. Sounds a little suspicious too me but could have been texting or not paying attention. Either way no one was injured but the car is going to spend some decent time in the repair shop with a big bill coming to the owner or insurance. I am not exactly sure on the colour of this car but it looks like a mix between Verde Scandal and Verde Ithaca but it is a sexy colour either way!

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