Novitec Rosso Widebody Ferrari F12 with 781 Horses Called N-Largo

The Ferrari F12 berlinetta comes with a very healthy 700 horses but according to Novitec Rosso, this is not enough. Introducing the Novitec Rosso F12 with the N-Largo wide bodykit. It increases the rear width of the car and the Novitec tuning pushes the power output to a beastly 781hp. Each arch has been widened to receive the massive 22″ alloys wrapped in Pirelli P ZERO tyres. Lots of carbon fibre bits and pieces, lowered by 40mm and it looks savagely mean but the black/carbon intakes on the bonnet need to go immediately. They miss the point of the whole kit in my opinion. What your thoughts on the latest offering from Novitec?

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