Are These Patent Drawings for Ferrari F12 GTO? Sure Looks Like It!

What appears to be patent drawings for a hard core Ferrari F12 have surfaced at the patent office in China. If these are really patent applications by Ferrari, then we can expect to see a Ferrari F12berlinetta GTO. This makes me seriously excited and it by the looks of things, it will be worth the excitement. New bumper, revised front spoiler, air vents on nose, wings on the B-pillar and giant rear diffuser. I wonder if a spy shot or 2 will appear online because if they follow the same time between revealing the 599 and then the 599 GTO, then we should see this F12 GTO next year sometime. If this does come to fruition, then we can expect at least 790 horses belting out from the V12! No word from Ferrari as yet but lets just wait and see!

[Source: CarNewsChina]
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