Guest Post: 2014 Toyota Corolla – Easy Driving With Smart Tips

Up till now the quintessential Toyota Corolla has been one of the most popular cars owing to its simple features. Though there are some who opine that the car, in terms of looks, is simply drab as compared to the modernized versions of other cars such as Honda Civic, staunch Toyota loyalists can actually vouch for the no-fuss features of the car. The makers were thus faced with much dilemma as to whether they should go ahead with their plans of introducing the modernized version of the car or not. However, the need for upgrading the old version seemed more pressing (as its competitors are doing excellently well in this regard), at present. As a result, comes the new 2014 Corolla- the latest reworked version of the flagship small car of Toyota. Here is a lowdown on the latest features and look of the car.

How Does the New Car Look?
The instantly noticeable difference between the former and the latter version can definitely be traced in the length and breath. The 2014 Corolla is definitely longer and wider. The makers have done extremely well to get rid of its “branded boring design” but the revamped look can’t be termed as “edgy “either.

A Glimpse of the Technicalities 

  • L, S, LE and LE Eco are the four most talked about cars. Some of the most striking features of the versions are listed separately:
  • The L Models (the low-end ones) offer six-speed manual transmissions and so do the high end S ones
  • The LE Eco promises better mileage than the earlier version though with more (140 hp) horses 
  • The normal CVT transmission is offered in LE Eco and LE
  • There is this Smart Key System that comes with the LE Plus model- it enables you to open the car without having to take out the key fob from your pocket.

Some Buying Tips that Should Be Followed
Driving the new Toyota Corolla turns out to be quite an enjoyable experience if you are ready to follow a few tips in that regard.

  • A good browsing through relevant reviews would actually tell you that those looking for the sportier ones should opt for the Toyota S that comes with the CVT to navigate the by lanes or the two-laners of your city.
  • The introduction of the Valvematic tech has boosted the performance of the efficiency based model- LE Eco

Author Bio: Sam Payn is a seasoned web blogger who is at present cherishing his new-found love for cars in his recent write-ups.

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