Guest Post: Jeep Substitute for Preppers 2 – Security and Comfort

Fleeing, or “bugging out”, is the standard operating procedure that preppers use whenever their home base is too compromised to sustain. Most balanced survivalists consider this as the last means of persistence when faced with insurmountable odds. But there are also types of preppers who do not believe in bugging out only when the going gets really tough. Some survivalists choose a nomadic style of survival preparedness. Thus, they are already on the move since day one of their entire prepping scheme. It may prove to be a real pain in the neck when considering fuel cost efficiency since many of their resources will be siphoned into providing constant supply of gasoline. However, itinerant preppers will no longer have to worry about being stuck in a rough neighborhood when “shit hits the fan”.

A Jeep is a highly recommendable vehicle for mainstream survivalists because it is fast, resilient and has enough muscle to traverse outrageous terrains. But a nomadic prepper will find a number of flaws for choosing the Jeep as a prepper ride. Basically, the Jeep is too utilitarian for itinerant survivalist. That alone defeats the purpose of comfortably moving from one place to another on a regular basis. The Jeep can only do so much and its great performance is mainly restricted to the evacuation parameters.

Why can’t Jeeps be the best itinerant prepper’s choice?
Unless it has undergone multiple complex levels of customization, there are certain limitations that make Jeeps a poor choice for nomadic survivalists. One of the main inadequacies of the Jeep is its limited space. It has enough seats for a total of four people, minus the stockpile of supplies (preps) one would need on the journey. Simply put it, there is not enough room for a nomadic prepper to maintain the basics of normal lifestyle such as taking a shower or sleeping on a comfy indoors bed.

Instead of a Jeep, a shrewd nomadic prepper would choose a Nexus RV or a Mercedes-Benz freight truck. Unlike Jeeps, RV’s already have standard living quarters like a toilet, shower room, a bed and even a kitchen. That way, nomadic preppers do not have to grapple with the concerns of enough space for the preps or surrender some normal life routines that circumstances would deprive in worst case scenarios. Living in a recreational van has become quite conventional in mainstream perspective that one can hardly tell the difference between a prepper from a non-prepper. The only setback of recreational vans is that they are not built for their hardiness.

Freight trucks are also the preferred vehicle for nomadic survivalists. The space of its shipping container alone can carry supplies that will last a full year. It has enough space for a small bunk but all other comforts must undergo serious labor-intensive face lift. The freight trucks strength can also be its weakness. Due to its immense size, this type of vehicle is too exposed for looters. Unlike the Jeep, freight trucks are never meant for a hasty evasion maneuver.

The ideal Jeep would be the Wrangler of course, which is made for the rough terrain of the off-road nomadic lifestyle. You can read about the new Wrangler at St. Mary’s Jeep online.

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