Vörsteiner-V Package For Aventador Looking Vicious

I am a big fan of the Vorsteiner team’s programs such as the McLaren 12C MP4-VX package and the Bentley GT BR10-RS Package so when I read that they have taken a stab at my favourite car I was more than chuffed. The Aventador-V package features a whole hose of carbon components such as the side air intakes, front and rear grille frames, hood trims, splitter lip with winglets, side skirts and a super hot SuperVeloce-style rear wing. You can then choose if you would like the 20″ or 21″ VSE-003 forged wheels to complete your package. I really like 90% of the kit but the front spoiler, splitter and air intakes looks a little our of place in my opinion. All picture can be found on Facebook here.

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