A Lamborghini Factory Tour Mistake Allows Visitor to Peak at Gallardo Successor – New Details

Lamborghini have shared that we will be getting some details before Christmas on the Gallardo successor but thanks to the guys at Only The Best, we get some details right now. They recently went on a factory tour in Sant’Agata Bolognese and managed to get a peak at  the new Lamborghini. As they left the Aventador production line they caught a glimpse through an open door of the new Gallardo finished in the stunning Verde Ithaca with gloss black wheels. They go on to mention the following;

  • Rendering below is extremely accurate
  • It features grilles across the rear window, they span across the entire rear window, they appear closely styled from the Lamborghini Miura and many renderings have not featured these. (This was seen in one of the earlier prototypes as pictured above.)
  • The rear styling is sharp and reaches a high-point very similar to that of the Aventador.
  • Overall the Gallardo successor will appear almost like a stumpy version of the Aventador, however it looks spectacular.
  • They are currently in production.
  • It does not feature scissor doors as seen on the Aventador, we were told this is reserved for V12 models only.
Some things not confirmed but very likely;
  • Engine will be 5.2-litre V10
  • Share chassis with second-gen Audi R8
  • Produce 600 horses and called LP600-4
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