Blue DMC Lamborghini Aventador with PUR Wheels Looks Wild

Here we see another highly modified Lamborghini Aventador courtesy of DMC. This baby blue Aventador is not only kitted out with DMC’s exclusive Lamborghini offerings but is also rolling on the new PUR wheels designed for the Aventador.

These wheels look absolutely brilliant on this Lamborghini and the Giallo brake calipers really finish off this beast well. To make me fall even more in love with this LP700-4 the owner went and installed the superb IPE Innotech exhaust. Inside the car you see a matching blue and black leather combination just to remind you that you are in something special. This is not the end for DMC and the Lamborghini Aventador because right now at this very moment, they are working on another special version called the Edizione GT.

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