Ferrari Promise Alonso and Raikkonen LaFerrari If They Win 2014 Formula 1 Season

For those of you who do not know, next year Ferrari have decided to call Kimi Raikkonen back to the mix in their F1 team which means he will be teaming up with Fernando Alonso. In the latest report, it was apparently mentioned that if either Raikkonen or Alonso win the title next season, they will be awarded with a brand spanking new 2014 LaFerrari. I know this may not seem too special because these drivers can afford these cars 40 times over but to own a LaFerrari you need to have owned at least 5 other Ferrari’s and also be selected by the president of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo. This will provide quite the motivation for the 2 drivers so lets hope next season is not a Red Bull whitewash and one of these drivers gets this first class prize.

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