Guest Post: Nissan Introduces Multi-Sensing System

Nissan, a Japanese multinational automaker, has introduced a multi-sensing system to its vehicles. This new feature enhances the safety design of its automobiles, protecting its drivers from potential harm. It is a solid effort that is aimed to reduce the high percentage of fatalities in the U.S. and in different parts of the world due to vehicular accidents.

What is the Multi-Sensing System?
Nissan has undergone extensive research to enhance the safety of both the driver and passengers on board the vehicle that may include very young children. Its decision to introduce the multi-sensing system to its vehicles is based on the concept of a “safety shield” which the automaker had conceptualized and engineered for many years.

The multi-sensing system is comprised of several features that were designed not only for safety purposes but also to contribute to the greater ease of driving their varied Nissan car models. First, the system enables drivers and passengers to detect vehicles, people, road obstacles, etc. Drivers would see a red light box if the system detects any of the above mentioned, for example, another vehicle. This will notify them of the obstacle as a potential danger and will therefore be prepared to react accordingly. The multi-sensing system also comes with a dashboard warning as well as an audible sound alert. This usually works with a front mounted camera that is also another popular feature of most Nissan vehicles. View the full lineup of Nissan models online and read reviews at

While Nissan has competitors like Toyota that uses a similar system for its vehicles, a comparison of the 2 manufacturers’ features would make Nissan’s multi-sensing system stand out. As opposed to Toyota’s safety design, Nissan makes use of an “around view camera” which enables the driver to have an unobstructed view of what is behind their vehicles. These cameras are positioned at the exterior mirrors’ bottoms which make it easy to give a visual of potential obstructions or dangers.

Benefits of the System 
Another benefit of the multi-sensing system featured in Nissan vehicles is that it can stop road accidents caused by brake failure. It is capable of giving drivers an audible warning if the car directly ahead has brake problems. The US Department of Transportation has conducted many studies and has concluded that brake failure is one of the most common causes of road accidents. As much as 30 percent of the road accidents can be attributed to faulty brakes.  Apart from signaling impending danger due to brake problems, it can also alert drivers if their speed is within limits.

While these beneficial features have successfully piqued the interest of many drivers worldwide, Nissan has yet to determine when these features would be readily available as well as the price. It is expected that these features would one day be a “standard feature” to most of Nissan’s vehicles, however, Nissan has expressed its continued interest to introduce more technological advancements to its vehicles. Apart from focusing on safety features to make sure that its drivers and passengers are protected, Nissan is spearheading research and development efforts to enable their drivers to feel satisfied and comfortable when driving and riding their Nissan vehicles.

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