McLaren P1 Already For Sale on Used Car Market at Al Ain Class Motors

Deliveries to customers have only just started and already you can purchase the new McLaren P1 hypercar from a dealer. Before I read up on who had the car for sale, one dealership pomped into my mind and I was spot on. None other than Al Ain Class Motors in Dubai is the dealership selling this ‘used’ McLaren P1. I was lucky enough to visit their insane showroom and this car slots in perfectly with their insane inventory. The P1 is sold out so I am guessing this was bought by the dealership or someone close to the dealership and sold at a chunky premium. This particular car has not been driven as the ad indicates 0 km which further reinforces that the initial customer purely bought it for investment purposes. You have to have a rather special garage to be able to buy a car like this and simply hand it straight to a dealership to sell.

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