Young Driver Showing Off Crashes Ferrari 458 Italia in Geneva

Just this morning I shared a Ferrari 458 Italia crash with you from China and now the second Ferrari 458 Italia within 24 hours has been crashed. The front of this stunning white Ferrari 458 Italia has been smashed to pieces this morning after the driver lost control of his prancing horse and crashed into the University Medical Center. Witnesses said the car approached at very high speed narrowly missing a person on the sidewalk and then performing aggressive accelerations when things went wrong. The driver was said to be very young and showing off when this incident happened. Although there was an ambulance present, not much is known as to the condition of the occupant(s) but looking at the crash I would think there would have been some injuries due to the severity of damage. Although damage is isolated to the front section, I would think this Italia will end up being used for spare parts and never see the light of day again.

[Source: TribuneDeGeneve]
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