Bugatti Officially Cancelled Galibier Concept and No Super Veyron Coming

Chief of Bugatti, Wolfgang Schreiber, has told Top Gear that the company is not planning on a Super Veyron or a production version of the 16 C Galibier concept. Schreiber believes that “1200 hp is enough for the Veyron chapter” (he is probably right) and the Galibier would “dilute the Bugatti philosophy”. On the other hand, a Veyron replacement will happen as the development has started. Main objective? Once again to “redefine the benchmarks”. When he was asked about possibly using hybrid technology in the new car he didn’t give much away by saying “maybe”. He went on to say that we can “forget about McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari because all the next Veyron has to worry about is the current one”. Production of current car ends next year with about 43 cars left to sell.

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