DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP988 Edizione GT Is Way Over The Top

DMC have produced some of the most insane and some not so insane kits for the epic Lamborghini Aventador but their latest creating is by far the most over the top one so far. It is called the Edizione GT and to be perfectly honest there is just too much happening. Lines and wing-lets and intakes and humps and bumps absolutely everywhere. The side profile looks absolutely epic but then we get to the back and that diffuser is just too much for me. Surely the aerodynamic benefit of a diffuser is ruined with the excessive vertical fins? I am not saying I wouldn’t like to drive one (especially considering it is packed with 988 horses) I am just saying it is a little too much for my taste and I am sure a lot of you will agree with me on this. Overkill category perhaps?

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