How to Maintain a Sports Car

Your sports car is your pride and joy, so give is some respect. Proper maintenance is essential to optimal performance – so you can enjoy tearing up the tarmac day after day, reducing wear and tear – allowing you to keep your motor looking its best, and saving money – fewer repairs and a longer lifespan means you can spend more cash on souping up your vehicle or making customisations.

Sports car enthusiasts know the paltry MPG these top-of-the-range vehicles achieve, and though this is all part of owning a powerful vehicle, getting more out of your tank wouldn’t go a miss: you’ll not only get more miles on the road, but will also save a packet at the forecourt. Tyre pressure is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to fuel economy – and is crucial for keeping your tyres in a superior condition.
To save visiting the garage or petrol station to use the air machine, invest in a basic air compressor so you can top up your tyres conveniently at home – SIP stocks a huge range. If you’ll use it for powering air tools or other jobs like spray painting, consider purchasing a more advanced model with a higher CFM specification.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s advice when it comes to servicing, and go to an official garage where possible – they’ll know how best to look after your pride and joy. You can find this information in your manual, or hunt it out online: for example, you can find the Porsche Boxster servicing guidelines, as well as a handbook on minor and major maintenance, within seconds using a search engine.

Your bucket and sponge or the local car wash simply aren’t going to cut it: you need to take your sports car to a true professional. That’s because high-performance vehicles require extra-special care, with detailed attention to cleaning small components and proper protection of the paintwork crucial. You’ll also want high-quality products such as premium upholstery cleaner to be used on your luxury vehicle.

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