DJ Afrojack’s Lamborghini Aventador Is For Sale

Some of you may now that Afrojack makes a fair hunk of change doing what he does best and some will know he has a passion for some serious motors too. I love seeing people who can afford these cars buy them and treat them well but he is not an example of that. Just last year he crashed his new Ferrari 458 Italia after only 44 minutes and got caught speeding in this exact Aventador. Well if you are one of those persons who values owning a car which has most certainly been through a serious amount of punishment then here is your chance. His Lamborghini Aventador LP-700 is up for grabs for only € 385,000 and has just over 13 000 miles on the clock. Some people may want to purchase it simply because it has been owned and driven by the world-famous DJ so I have no doubt it will sell quickly. If this is not your price bracket but you are still after second hand cars then there are many other options including many second hand Aventador’s that have been well looked after.

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