Guest Post: Buying Motorsport Wheels and Tyres

When it comes to motorsports, superior wheels and tyres are what give a vehicle the edge over their opponents. Powering through those sharp turns, accelerating with phenomenal speed, and handling superbly is only possible when a quality vehicle is paired with exceptional wheels and tyres.  To get that extra oomph, you need to know exactly what is best for your car; unfortunately many car owners are hesitant to admit their inexperience with wheels and tyres. If you own a motorsport vehicle, then continue reading below to learn more about how exactly to buy the wheels and tyres for that competitive edge!

Metal – Motorsport vehicles need to be powerful and fast which is why alloy wheels are the absolute best wheels for the job. When you are looking to get a new set of wheels, you will see both aluminum and magnesium alloy wheels. Mag wheels are the preferred metal for motorsport vehicles; however aluminum alloy wheels still provide a much lighter wheel. Only major difference between mag wheels and aluminum alloy wheels is the fact that mag wheels disperse heat better which leads to increased break performance.
Brand – While OEM wheels may be the “preferred option” for collectors, replica wheels are the ones needed for motorsports. Since the OEM wheels are reverse engineered to produce the replica wheels, you have a much higher quality in many cases, as well as a larger variety.

Tread – The tread on a set of motorsport wheels needs to be as close to flat as possible. If the vehicle is going to be racing on a completely flat paved surface in dry weather, then there is no need for any tread. Tread is initially designed to allow wheels to maintain better contact with the surface in adverse elements such as rain or snow, however it also means less grip during normal conditions on turns. Since motorsport vehicles are designed for racing and speed, tyres with little to no tread are the absolute best option.
Material – When looking for tyres, choosing ones that have high rubber content. The more percentage of rubber that is present, the better grip a vehicle will have on the pavement. This increased grip ensures that the handling and cornering is vastly improved, however it also means that the life of the tyre is much lower than normal tyres so be prepared to change them frequently if you use your motorsport vehicle often.
Where To Buy Wheels and Tyres
If you are looking for a new set of wheels and tyres you can buy them online or in stores. With advanced shipping options, many online stores, such as Ozzy Tyres, offer a much wider variety and even partner with shops around the country to offer additional tyre and wheel services. Online stores also usually have much cheaper prices as they enjoy no major overhead and can pass those savings onto customers.
No matter where you are buying your tyres and wheels, make sure that you thoroughly research the brand, style, and material before deciding. From there you can compare prices online and in stores to get the absolute best price possible!
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