FAB Design Released Lamborghini Aventador Called Spidron

FAB have been know for pushing the limits with their tuning but I never thought we would see them tackle the supercar favourite known as the Aventador and now we are introduced to the Spidron. The car looks longer, lower and unfortunately less aggressive. It seems that the roof intake is not actually going to be used to channel air to the V12 power plant but it still looks the part. New side skirts and a new rear spoiler mounter to the engine bay looks the part and it seems like they were trying to look like the Murcielago SV spoiler. What I don’t like is when they put the colour of the car in the wheels and this is where it goes wrong for me. I think I have spoken enough about the cosmetics of the car you can judge for yourself but the most disappointing part is that they make the car look like it does and do not even attempt to modify the performance of the car. Then again, the car performs close to perfect.

[Photo’s: GTSpirit]

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