Koenigsegg One:1 Is Absolutely Outrageous

We saw the leaked shots of this new supercar from Koenigsegg and now we get the official launch pictures which really show off this insane piece of engineering. Koenigsegg are calling it the world’s first production Megacar and here are a few reasons why;

  • 610 kg of downforce at 260 km/h
  • Active ride height chassis
  • 3G and GPS-controlled predictive Active Chassis and Aero Track Fashion
  • Cornering draws 2G
  • Monocoque is 40% lighter than that of the Agera
  • Only 6 copies will ever be built
  • 0 to 400 km/h time of under 20 seconds
That is simply staggering! I cannot wait to see some videos of this thing! I don’t think we can comprehend how fast that actually is! Doesn’t the car look fantastic? See the full album on Facebook here.

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