McLaren 650S Given Epic P1 Rear End In Renderings

The new McLaren 650S has been called a new model by McLaren but in all honesty it shares 75% of its parts with the 12C supercar. Now this does not bother me because the 12C is such a superb car but the least you can do with a new car is style it differently. The front of the 650S looks absolutely brilliant but then we move down the sides and to the rear and you are looking at pretty much the 12C rear. Some renderers took it upon themselves to give the rear end of the 650S the P1-inspired look and to put it simply, it looks incredible. I think you may find that in the very near future, the MSO department will offer something like this and if this does not happen be patient and the likes of Vorsteiner or DMC will give you the option to P1-ify your 650S.

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