Infographic: Buying or Selling Your Car?

You can buy cars from many different places in Britain, however the internet is proving one of the most popular ways people are buying and selling. To prove this, Gumtree designed an infographic that breaks down some stats in true infographic style.

This infographic is helpful if you yourself are looking to buy or sell as it tells you the most popular car types that are sold on Gumtree. Vauxhall, for example, is the most searched for brand of car on the site and so if you’re looking to sell your Vauxhall, you might want to give Gumtree a go. However if you model isn’t searched for a lot you might want to think about going down a different avenue.
Another interesting aspect of the infographic is the information it gives you on the areas of the country. For example London like their automatics and Northern Ireland prefer their hybrid cars. My advice would be not to rush into selling or buying until you have all the facts and infographics like this one can help a lot.

The UK's 2nd hand car market - things your auto-know!

The UK’s 2nd hand car market – things your auto-know! is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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