Guest Post: 5 Commonplace Honda Car Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Honda certainly ranks among the top auto makers in the world today. It is especially popular for its Accord which has been sold in the United States since the 1970s.But just like your average car, Honda vehicles are not devoid of their own issues. The good thing is that you can fix some of these problems on your own without having to shell out some money. Let’s take a look at five commonplace Honda car problems you should be able to fix yourself, if only you are willing to try.

1. Difficulty Starting a Honda Car
If you have a Honda car, you may experience difficulty getting it to start. This problem is not limited to vehicles from this car maker, though. You should check to see if the battery is properly installed and connected when having this sort of problem. Ensure that all terminals are dry and clean. It is helpful to also check your fuel gauge to ensure that sufficient quantity of fuel is in the tank; obvious but you would be surprised how many people don’t notice their fuel tank is dry.

2. Faulty Windshield Wipers
This is yet another Honda car issue that occur frequently, although a minor problem. If your windshield wipers refuse to function, first check the settings to rule out those being the cause. You should also consider removing the casing from the external wiper arm if the earlier suggestion does not work. Check the area where the arm is connected to the motor and see if there is any disconnection. If you notice any break or disconnection, fix it and your windshield wipers could start functioning well again. This is the sort of problem you can easily fix yourself without incurring the expense of an engineer. Shops like – Honda stock all the parts you need.

3. Too Much Oil Consumption
If you notice that your Honda car is consuming too much oil, chances are that your oil pan or valve seals are leaking. Excessive oil consumption may be the result of a damaged valve cover gasket. If this is the cause of your car’s oil consumption problem, you should locate and remove the defective gasket. Remove any gasket materials that may be sticking to the engine block as well and clean any noticeable oil leaks. You can then go ahead to fix your new valve cover gasket in place using a powerful, adhesive sealant. Check again for leaks.

4. Faulty Power Windows
Most Honda Accord owners will be able to attest to this problem. It is usually characterized by difficulty in lowering or raising a car’s power windows. The issue may result from defective fuses, so you may need to change the fuses for the windows. Although it may be considered as being obvious enough, it could possibly still escape a Honda car owner’s attention: ensure your power window lock is not set to on.

5. Worn-out Brake Pad
You have a brake pad problem if your car does not stop after applying pressure on the brakes. To address this issue, remove the wheels affected along with the pads, brake calliper, bolts and pins. Examine the wheel bearings for wear. However, you should refrain from disconnecting the brake line. Fix the new brake pads in place and re-assemble everything as they were before.

The actions suggested here may help you fix these Honda car issues. But, time should not be wasted before seeking the help of an experienced mechanic.

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