Top 10 South African Automotive Instagram Accounts To Follow

You got Instagram? You love cars? You from South Africa? If yes to all these questions then best you follow these 10 accounts. I asked around to get the most interesting South African owned accounts and these are the results. Obviously @Zero2Turbo is the best one (no bias at all) but these will also do to keep you up to date with the automotive world in our beautiful country. A simple calculation between number of posts and number of followers determined the order they are in. Lots of followers with fewer posts means you have more interesting posts.

  1. @daytona_customs – Associated with Daytona Group sharing pictures and videos of some of their unique creations in South Africa
  2. @race1_sa – RACE! South Africa share some incredible pictures and videos of some very highly tuned machines. 
  3. @daytona_group – Luxury Lifestyle Group. Authorised retailer for McLaren, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Audi, BMW and Mini in South Africa.
  4. @photo_marc – Young automotive photographer from South Africa. He shares some of his awesome photos on this account.
  5. @mclaren_sa – Official McLaren Dealer in South Africa. Part of the Daytona Group.
  6. @autogallery – These guys share some awesome exotic spots from around South Africa.
  7. @spotrsa – Supercars spotted in South Africa.
  8. @epicdubs – Everything VW and VAG in South Africa.
  9. @dutchmanscarcareclinic – Car detailing and car wash in Cape Town of some high end exotics and classics.
  10. @supercarsinafrica – The name says it all. Supercar spotter in South Africa.
If you think I have forgotten someone, then please comment below or on Twitter and I will happily review this!
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