Guest Post: The Detail Behind Your Tyres

A tyre is more than just a circular rubber product that fits round the wheels on your car. You should always get advice from your supplier about the best tyres for your car and have them regularly checked for tread depth. There are things you can do yourself as well. You need to be certain that they are inflated to the correct pressure for one thing. You can check the reading when you go to fill up with petrol using the garage’s pressure monitoring system.

It is important to keep to the recommended pressure for each tyre and that may vary from front to back. Every manufacturer provides information on the ideal pressure for its tyres. There is likely to be a maximum figure actually stamped on the tyre itself; it is important to keep below this and not take it as the recommended figure. It is up to you whether you believe a garage’s gauge is accurate; these gauges face a great deal of manhandling every day. Periodically it may well be worth checking with a company like when your regular maintenance service is due.
Tyres tend to lose pressure over time so you need to visually check as well to see if that is obviously happening. People looking for performance over comfort my well opt for a higher pressure than normal. The higher pressure means that the tyre is better at retaining its shape. It means sacrificing comfort somewhat and such tyres are also more prone to puncturing.
If tyre pressure drops below the recommended level then it may become dangerous because less of the tread will be working to help the car manoeuvre. There are times when lowering pressure helps but you don’t drive in sand too frequently, do you? To be fair it is also easier to drive in snow with low pressure tyres.

Manufacturers will give a number of recommendations for every tyre they produce. That includes a maximum load that the vehicle should carry to guarantee stability. They will advise on optimum speed as well as the likely life that each tyre will have in normal conditions. In every case this will be information that will be passed on by a good company to its customers.

Tyres can wear out at different rates once fitted to a car and it is worth rotating tyres if that appears to be happening, to even things out. It may be a matter of wheel alignment and this is something that a good mechanic servicing a car will see and remedy. You can rely on good manufacturers to produce quality. If you find good suppliers who will also take care of your tyres and servicing, then you can expect many years of happy and safe motoring.

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