LaFerrari Has Arrived In South Africa

I was wondering when this would happen and this morning I saw some pictures confirming that the LaFerrari deliveries in South Africa have started. To my knowledge this is one of SEVEN coming to our beautiful country. That’s right you read that correctly, seven of these insane hybrid hypercars will be coming to SA over the next year and I simply cannot wait to see one in the metal. This is by far the most extravagant Ferrari ever made and the attention to detail in the car with the little South African flag is awesome! Congratulations to the new owner and I wish them many exhilarating safe miles in it.

UPDATE: This car is not actually in South Africa and will not be coming either. It is nigh on impossible to get a LHD car in here legally but it is possible so we may see a LaFerrari Spider in the near future.

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