Lexus RC F Can Do Perfect Donuts But Costs More Than BMW M4

Lexus announced yesterday that the 2015 RC F will be priced from £59,995 in the United Kingdom which makes it £3,360 more than the BMW M4 Coupe. Now I know the RC F has an epic looking exterior with some flared arches and active rear spoiler and big 19″ forged alloys but would you choose this over the almost perfect BMW M4? If you want to go for the RC F Carbon, you are looking at £67,995 but you do get carbon components (hood, roof and rear spoiler) and a torque-vectoring rear differential. The RC F is currently available to order with first deliveries expected for January next year. As a little bit of motivation, Lexus have released this video of the RC F perfectly executing some donuts.

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