Audi RS4 Is Ditching The V8

Audi’s next-gen A4 is due to break cover next year and it seems very likely that the 4.2-litre V8 will be ditched thanks to a new turbo charged V6. The reason for this is it needs to strict emission regulations which by 2020 will mean that CO2 emissions will be less than 95g/km.

Heinz Hollerwerger, MD of quattro GmbH, said that there “need not” be a V8 and that “there are nice six-cylinder engines with high power”. He did point out however that they need to “continue this success story” so I am quite sure that the car will still be absolutely brilliant albeit without the the growling V8 up front. Hollerwerger also went on to say “In former times the RS models have been at the end of model lifecycle to keep production constant, but we now think about bringing RS models much earlier in the lifecycle”. This means the power hungry Audi fans out there wont need to wait too long after the vehicle is launched!

[Source: Motoring]

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