BMW Announce Plans For M6 GT3

BMW have announced plans to retire the Z4 GT3 raceer at the end of 2015 and will replace it with a new car based on the M6 Coupe. The following pair of sketches is a small teaser but they will be accepting customer orders of the car in 2015. Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsports Director, had the following to say;

“For me, as BMW Motorsport Director, there are few things more exciting than the development of a completely new car like the BMW M6 GT3. This car’s properties make it predestined to succeed the BMW Z4 GT3. We also want to demonstrate the high product substance of BMW M cars in motorsport with the BMW M6 GT3. One thing is certain from the first design sketches: this car is going to have the wow factor.”

This excites me a lot because one of the best looking M cars out there is about to be turned into a stripped out track monster!

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