RevoZport Razor 7R Looks The Business

We have seen the RevoZport package for the Volkswagen Golf VII GTI called the Razor 7 but now we get to see a few more upgrades to the range-topping Golf R.

It has been called the Razor 7R (which makes sense) and as you can see the bodywork is considerably modified with a different bumper, revised grill and a lower front splitter. One of the more noticeable changes would be the hood featuring additional creases and vents but at the back you get a new bumper, new quad exhaust tips, an angry diffuse and a prominent roof-mounted spoiler. RevoZport have also managed to boost the performance numbers of the hot hatch by 40 hp which brings the new output to a shade under 340 horses. This is one of the most epic looking Golf 7 R’s I have ever seen!

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