Common Causes of Vehicle Breakdowns in the Winter

With the winter months getting worse every coming year, it is getting all the more challenging for car owners to maintain their vehicles and prevent breakdowns as the temperatures drop. Battery faults are without doubt one of the most common causes of a breakdown during this time of the year. In addition to this, even the best vehicles face the following problems when it’s freezing outside –

  • Frozen Screen Washers

This may not result in an actual breakdown unless you keep running the pump till it burns out and blows the fuse that affects the immobiliser. To avoid this, use a screen wash additive all through the year. During the winter months, make sure that the additive is used in its undiluted form.

  • Frozen Wipers

If you try to operate wipers that are frozen stuck to the glass; chances are that your fuses will blow and affect more important systems in your vehicle. If you are aware of low temperature forecasts, make sure that your automated windscreen wipers are set to off. This will prevent them from attempting to operate when you turn on the ignition.

  • Frozen Engines

This happens most of the time due to lack of anti-freeze. Make sure that you get your engines regularly checked and that the maintenance team is using the right combination of anti-freeze solutions.

  • Engine Damage due to Stripped Teeth on Cam-belt

If you try to start a car with a frozen water pump, the teeth of the time belt could strip, resulting in damage to your engine.

  • Frozen Door Locks and Seals

Simply spray some water-dispersal on the locks or smear some silicon polish or vaseline on the seals. With this, all the snow fall will clear from car without turning it into a block of ice when left alone for days together.

  • Frozen Ignition Locks

It’s challenging to keep the inside of the car completely dry when it’s wet and cold outside. Take simple precautions such as taking out your wet clothes or boots when you leave the vehicle instead of keeping them in the car over night.

While test driving, a number of vehicles from Hertz Rent2Buy make sure you check with the dealers on how to prevent window frames of your car from freezing. Also check with them about issues regarding diesel fuel waxing and frozen rear drum brakes and handbrake cables.

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