More Hardcore Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG ‘Street Fighter’ Under Consideration

AMG Boss, Tobias Moers, has revealed to AutoExpress that there are plans to produce a harder, faster, “street fighter” version of the already rapid A45 AMG. It will not be badged the Black Series like the other hardcore AMG’s as that name is reserved for two-door models. He said the following;

“Let’s wait and see, maybe it’s not a Black Series, maybe it’s a different approach. It would be a nice statement to have a sort of street fighter car in that segment. A Black Series model is a race car street legal with two doors. Maybe we don’t use the label Black Series for that car, we are playing around with some ideas.”

Moers has previously mentioned that there is more power to be pulled from the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine especially after seeing VW do this with the VW Golf R 400 Concept. What is crazy to think is a more powerful engine with some weight loss, bigger brakes and a new bodykit could mean that a ‘street fighter’ version of the A45 AMG sprint will be within touching distance of the AMG GT’s 4.0 seconds time.

VATH version pictured

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