Owner of Every BMW M Car Adds M1 Procar To His Collection

Yes that is right, Masakuni Hosobuchi, owns every single M car that BMW has built and now he has added a very special M1 Procar “Yes to the Nurburgring” to his collection. He is the chairman of the BMW Club Japan and quite clearly one of the biggest BMW fans out there. This BMW M1 Procar has been carefully restored by BMW Classic and BMW M and was handed over to the lucky owner at the BMW Welt. A total of 54 BMW M1 race cars were built each carrying it’s own style.

“BMW are my passion and the Procar sure gets a place of honor in my collection. It was very important to me, the vehicle after years of racing reproduce its former glory. And who could have done this better than the manufacturers themselves. It also gives me great pleasure that I can take reception of this car in the BMW Welt between all the new cars” – Masakuni Hosobuchi

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