Racing Lamborghini Diablo AKA Jota GT1 LM In South Africa

Last year we posted about a Lamborghini Diablo in South Africa that was fitted with an AMG engine but now I have come to learn that this car is in fact a full blown genuine Lamborghini GT1 LeMans Racing Car complete with V12 Lambo engine.

The car was commissioned by Lamborghini in early 1995 to compete in the 24h LeMans, competing against McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and all the other GT1 cars. The correct designation for this racing machine is the Lamborghini Jota GT1 LM. The story about how the car ended up in South Africa can be read after the images. If you would like to see the car, you will need to make a special appointment with the owner. You can get the details by contacting us using the contact form at the bottom of the page. PS: The car arrived blue with white wheels but is now white with black wheels.


Amos Racing in the UK was contracted to build the vehicle and have it ready in time for the June 1995 24h race, The Larousse formula one team at the time also under contract with Lamborghini did the first testing and shake down on behalf of Lamborghini and Amos racing. Apparently just before the race an internal dispute at Lamborghini factory caused to project to stop and a legal dispute developed between Lamborghini, Amos and the financier in the UK.

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