Mansory La Revoluzione Is The Most Ridiculous Ferrari F12 In The World

Mansory have always been known to create over-the-top modifactions to already insane cars and this Ferrari F12berlinetta dubbed the La Revoluzione is one of the most bonkers creations to date. At the rear it is marked 01/01 which to me means that there will only ever be one and with a price tag of 1 million Euro’s, this does not surprise me. Not only did Mansory strip every panel off the car and replace it in red carbon fibre, they also fitted a monstrous body kit and one hell-of-a rear wing. To match the outlandish looks, they tuned the V12 by adding twin-turbo’s which means this red devil puts out a whopping 1250 hp and 890 Nm of torque. It can hit 100 km/h from standstill in just 2.9 seconds making it 0.2 seconds quicker than stock. Hit or miss?

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