Posaidon Boost Mercedes E63 AMG To A Bonkers 853 HP

Last we heard from German tuner Posaidon, they were pumping up the Mercedes A45 AMG but now they deliver a seriously strong upgrade package for the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. The S-model of the E63 AMG comes with 585 horses and 800 Nm of torque which is already insane. If that is not enough then Posaidon will give you a hell-of-a-lot more. They have managed to increase horsepower to 853 and the torque to a mind-numbing 1300 Nm. This was achieved by installing two larger turbo’s, a custom exhaust and a number of electronic tweaks. To cope with this insane amount of power, the engineers revised the rear axle and gearbox as well as limiting the car to 345 km/h. This is simply bonkers!

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