The Best Luxury Cars For Winter Can Be Purchased Through Online Sellers

Just because it’s the dead of winter doesn’t mean you should give up what you love. While the premium driving months are over for the year, don’t put your car in the garage just yet. There are ways to weatherproof your car for the icy months to follow. And if you’re interested in purchasing a brand new luxury vehicle, there’s never been a better way to save your time and money.

If you’re thinking about buying a luxury car now (maybe that Christmas bonus finally came in handy!), there are certain features that are essential on the winter roads. Look for features like all-wheel drive, power steering and an engine strong enough to power through anything Jack Frost can throw at it. Winter driving can be unpredictable and often drivers are thrown at the mercy of the elements. Unexpected icy roads, hailstorms, snowdrifts and strong winds can all make for terrible driving conditions. You’ll want to invest in a car that has superior steering, a strong turning radius and an engine powerful to pull you out of a snowy ditch or icy backroads, should the unpredictable occur.

Models like the Ferrari FF and the BMW X5 boast all-wheel drive that is especially necessary in the winter months. Invest in a set of snow tires, especially if you are prone to driving long distances on the highway. Other models that are primed for winter driving include Range Rover Sport, the Jaguar XJ and even the Mini Cooper, which for its small stature packs an incredible, turbo-charged engine. In the precarious winter months, smaller vehicles may give you more control. Either way, you’ll want to purchase a car that has an innate ability to steer and power through heavy snow and ice, while also keeping you as safe as possible in the driver’s seat.

It may sound a little bit crazy, but if you’re looking for a luxury vehicle – why not try going online to shop? More and more consumers are buying luxury cars through online classified websites like Kijiji. This method gives buyer’s way more control and options through the click of a button. A brand new luxury car may be way outside your price range, but by going an independent seller you can shave thousands off the sticker price. For example, a quick Kijiji search shows Mini Cooper models between $10,000 and $20,000, all with the winter driving features you require. Another alternative is looking into cars that look and handle like a luxury vehicle but are priced within a realistic budget. A quick Kijiji search for a classy Honda Accord in the Kitchener/Waterloo area sees recent models outfitted with leather interiors, sunroofs and heated seats priced anywhere between $8,000 to $21,000.

When purchasing a big ticket item like a luxury vehicle, make sure that you pay attention to the details of your transaction. Ask the seller for a proof of purchase, a history of documentation involved with the car and for hard copy results of any emissions or safety tests that have recently occurred. Go for a test drive and be sure to ask lots of questions about its mileage history and insurance policies. Yes by purchasing any used item, you are going to inherit its previous history. But you will also get to enjoy a luxury vehicle at a price you can actually afford.

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