Jaguar F-Type SVR Has Been Spied

These are the first images of the hottest F-Type to date, the SVR! It is said to be packing a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 but tuned to push out around 600 horsepower. JLR’s new SVR (Special Vehicle Operations) performance division have tinkered with the F-Type and it will become the first Jaguar to wear the SVR badge and will of course be the fastest F-Type available. The disguise is rather light so one can see the cosmetic changes that the F-Type SVR will be wearing and it looks great! Inspiration has clearly come from the F-Type Project 7 with the large air vents on either side of the grille and a front splitter beneath the bumper is also visible. The revised rear spoiler looks fantastic on this car! If they do indeed pump out the power output to 600 horsepower, then this will become the most powerful production Jaguar on sale.

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