Mercedes Announce That Pickup Truck Coming Before 2020

There were rumors floating around for some time but Mercedes has confirmed that there will be a midsize pickup on sale around 2018. Mercedes will become “the first premium manufacturer to respond to this market shift” by developing it’s own pickup. The new car will initially be targeted at markets in Latin America, Australia, Europe and our own South Africa. The Mercedes-Benz Vans division will be responsible for the new model and Volker Mornhinweg, head of Vans, had the following to say; “We can perfectly serve customers looking for a vehicle that offers a high level of utility and at the same time has the comfort, safety, and design of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car”. This is a very brave move by them but it may pay off being the first to do so. What do you all think?

Actual rendering from Mercedes-Benz

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