The Five Most Desirable Alfa Romeos

When you think of Italian cars, the names that probably come to mind first would most likely be Fiat or perhaps Maserati, the ultimate in sports and luxury cars respectively. However, true automobile aficionados will willingly admit that the most notable Italian cars by design, historical and performance perspectives would undoubtedly be Alfa Romeos. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the long and exciting history of Alfa Romeo, here are the five most desirable Alfa Romeo cars of all time.

The Never Officially Named Alfa Romeo
Perhaps the reason this car ranks amongst the five most desirable Alfa Romeos is that it was never officially named by the company. In Montreal, Canada at Expo 67, Alfa Romeo unveiled what is today referred to as a ‘concept sports car’ but it had no name plate! The public began referring to it by the city in which it was first shown and the name has stuck – the unofficial ‘Montreal.’

Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva Coupe
Most car lovers who aren’t exactly amongst the heavyweights in collecting are astounded at the price of the Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva Coupe. Whilst collectors find this to be on the low end of Alfa Romeo’s most desirable cars, the value is approximately £121,350. Franco Scaglione designed the car in the beginning of the 1950’s and amazingly, this car can reach speeds up to 137 mph.

Alfa Romeo Competizione
Actually, this one of the five most desirable Alfa Romeos is unique in that it was built within the last decade between the years 2007 through 2010. Coming in at #3, the Competizione is valued at a mere £242,661. Ah, but wait until you see the values of the number one most desirable Alfa Romeo. This will seem like a mere pittance!

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
Coming in second place of the Alfa Romeos, the 33 Stradale is not the most expensive by any means but it is still comes in at a close second of the favs. One of the reasons why collectors view the sleek and sporty Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale in such high esteem is because of the rarity of the car. Only 18 were ever manufactured and if you can get your hands on one, you have a treasure beyond compare – the envy of virtually every car lover, even if Alfas aren’t amongst their favourites.

Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Competizione
Now we are at the top of the list with the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Competizione valued at £2,358,685. Yes, almost two and a half million pounds. If this doesn’t tell you just how priceless Alfa Romeos can be to collectors, nothing will. There is a rich history to this model as it was secreted away during the war, surrendered to an American general, and it wasn’t until two decades later that it resurfaced. Italy was overjoyed when it was returned home and it was restored to all its former beauty.
With such a long history and amazing craftsmanship throughout the generations, Alfa Romeos continue to be collector cars of the elite. Perhaps they are not known as the top ranking sports cars, but as far as collectors’ preferences, they rank among the favourites. These five cars are only a sampling of their elegant designs that top most lists today as well as in years gone by. If you have a few million spare pounds lying about, you could always get one to bring home to dad.

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