Advice on How to Plasti Dip Your Car Rims and Wheels

Car mods are all the rage and so many vehicle owners are looking to find new ways to have their car stand out from the crowd. One good (and easy!) way to accomplish that is through painting the rims on your wheels to give them a totally new and awesome appeal. When getting started, make sure you have everything you need on hand and the job will go more quickly than you think. Also, you may want to paint your wheels at the same time with a product like Plasti Dip that is formulated to protect against rust and damage.

No matter what look you are going for, or what color you need, Plasti Dip spray colors are available to match with most current manufacturers’ color schemes and you don’t even need to stay with a standard color. You can go as outlandish or as traditional as you want. Here are some tips on how to Plasti Dip your rims and wheels just like you’d get in a professional auto body shop.

The Importance of Being Prepared
As mentioned, it is vital to have everything you need ready before you begin your project. The reasons for this are many, like as in how organization can save you a bunch of time, but being prepared is even more critical than that. Remember, you are working with paint and as it dries, it is hard to match if you find you’ve missed spots. That little ridge where you’ve tried to start up again is always obvious unless you sand it and put a top coat! With everything at hand you can go from one step to the next with ease.

Watch What Others Have Done
DIY projects are becoming more and more important as people struggle just to meet their bills. If you have a bit of money and are intent on modding up your rims, why not watch a short video or two to see how others have accomplished this? Remember, most great paint jobs will start with prep work, so allow for this if you are short for time. It is vital to do it right the first time if you want a super professional looking result.

Location is Vital
You will want to choose an area that is relatively dust free for the final step of spraying the Plasti Dip on your wheels and/or rims. All those particles will quickly stick to paint that hasn’t fully dried, giving it a textured look you probably aren’t going for! Also, ventilation is essential so you aren’t breathing in toxic odors or those particles from sanding and prepping the wheels. A good respirator mask would probably do you well and they are not expensive either. Protect your wheels but protect your lungs as well!

When it comes to modding up those wheels, there isn’t a better product on the market than Plasti Dip because it is so reasonably priced in comparison to professional services at an auto body shop but with the exact same caliber product they use. Why not do it yourself then you will get the job you want at so much less the cost. Take pride in your work and use a good product – you’ll be so happy with your accomplishments. Just watch.

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