Upgrade to the Ultimate Auto Workshop

It can sometimes feel like technology is progressing at a rate that is difficult to keep track of. This isn’t just true of mobile phones, tablets, and wearables, but also of vehicle technology.

Making sure that a vehicle has technology that sets it apart from the many competitors on the market is key for vehicle manufacturers. Each vehicle company wants to appear to be the most innovative or progressive on the market, meaning that with each new release, more and more technology is packed into cars, making previous models seem out of date and even obsolete.

Whilst a focus on safety, drivability, or simply fun enhancing technology in cars is surely interesting for the consumer, for others, it’s not always such a good thing. In particular, automotive workshops may struggle to keep up with new features and technology in cars, having to purchase new equipment every time a new feature is announced.

Not only can this be expensive, but it can also lead to garages wondering exactly what equipment they need to deal with a full range of modern vehicles.
To help out, workshop equipment specialists Straightset have put together an infographic detailing everything needed in a modern high-end vehicle workshop. Take a look at the infographic below to see the full range of equipment, and view some of the high-end workshop equipment here.

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