Armored Vehicles

If you are looking for a new vehicle you need to look into the armorin’ option. This is an option offered by some car manufacturers. If it is not offered by your manufacturer, look into having an aftermarket company armor your vehicle. If you are unsure this is an option you want on your vehicle check for more information on the matter.

Armored Vehicle Option 
Technology has progressed over the years and is now allowing regular citizens to have the option of armoring their vehicle. The armored vehicles used to be used by military or police to help protect them. Now days, the crime rate has went up so much that even common citizens need this option. In some larger areas, there are murders and carjacking daily, to protect your family look into armoring your vehicle.

An armored vehicle is when they take your vehicle and add reinforced armored plating and windows that are more durable. The armored vehicles are made to absorb bullets and impacts that would harm other vehicles. Armoring your vehicle can add some weight to your vehicle so make sure your engine and transmission are able to pull the added weight from adding the armoring materials. The armoring materials can add 500 lbs to 10,000 lbs to a vehicle. The added armor plating allows your vehicle to be shot or hit by another vehicle with no harm to the vehicle or the driver.

Most armored cars also have tires with special tubing inside of them. The special tubing inside of them allows the driver to drive on the tires for 60 miles at 60mph if the tires are flattened. So, if you are in your vehicle and a carjacker approaches your vehicle and points a gun at you. If your vehicle is armored you have no worries, that bullet will not penetrate your window or anywhere on your vehicle. You would be able to get away safely. If the same scenario plays out and your vehicle is not armored, you could be badly injured or even killed. When you take that into account having your vehicle armored is worth every penny.

If you are wondering if armoring your vehicle is something you can afford find a reputable aftermarket armoring company to give you an estimate. The way to find a great aftermarket armoring company is to ask people you know if they know of a good company. If you cannot find anyone you know that has used an armoring company before, you can look on the internet for armoring companies in your area. When you have located a company in your area you can call and find out if they are licensed and see if they can give you a quote.

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