Best Car Enthusiast Games On Different Platforms


We all have a mobile phone and we often have some time to kill on it so what should we play? Well to be honest the only ‘FREE’ automotive/racing game worthwhile on iOS and Android is Asphalt 8. Why is it so good? Firstly it is free and secondly the graphics and gameplay are very impressive for mobile devices. There are jumps, crashes and a lot of damage so what is there not to like?


Forza Horizon 2 is relatively new but it is properly epic. It is a huge open-world game where all your automotive fantasies can come true. Want to take the mad Noble M600 offroad? Well you can most certainly do this and the possibilities are endless.


DriveClub really brings the car racing culture to live on the PlayStation and is one of the most authentic and immersive driving experience one can get. Incredible graphics and beautiful cars (available to win or buy) keeps things interesting but the online portion of the game is where it wins for me. You can create teams (Clubs) with fellow online players and partake in challenges with them.

PC & Online

Althought I wouldn’t recommend playing highly detailed automotive games on a PC, Dirt 3 is just too much fun to ignore. Rally racing is exciting and intimidating at the same time because you need to learn the ropes about handling a car on loose surface. There are many winding courses with incredible physics and graphics and this game immerses you immediately the minute the light goes green. If you do not care too much about outstanding graphic resolutions and you are fascinated by the duo bets and speed adrenaline (like in The Fast and the Furious), you can try also Green Light (no picture, but here is the game review), an online slot based on cars and car racing that will double the thrill with an intuitive gameplay.

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