Get Your Car Ready for Cold Weather

As people ready themselves for fall harvests, your vehicle should be at the top of your list for basic maintenance. The comfortable autumn temperatures give way to chilly winter winds, making it harder than ever for a neglected engine to turn over. Give your car some TLC in the next few weeks to be ready for frigid days leading to spring.

Love for the Battery
Have a professional check your battery’s voltage to ensure a rapid ignition each time. Batteries show their true colors in cold weather, especially if they’re borderline drained. A professional should put a load on the battery to simulate a real-life ignition process. Replace it if any weakness is detected. If the battery tests well, simply keep it clean of all corrosion for a reliable start-up each day.

Riding Strong
Grab a flashlight and inspect as much of the tires as possible. Their wear should be even across the surface. Any pockets or uneven surfaces indicate a larger problem such as poor alignment or camber angles. The tread should have sufficient depth to cut through rain, ice and snow. If you live in a particularly snow-prone area, consider switching the tires to all-weather or snow types. You want as much tread on the road as possible to avoid slipping.

Cooling System Irony
The last thing on your mind may be the cooling system, but the vehicle still needs adequate cooling even in the dead of winter. Verify the system has 50 percent antifreeze and 50 percent water at the right levels. You don’t want the liquid to freeze inside the radiator, causing leaks and an overheated engine. The antifreeze keeps all the liquid flowing for a healthy engine. While you check the liquid, confirm all clamps, hoses and belts are sufficiently attached for a trouble-free winter ride.

Whether you perform the winterizing or hire a professional such as Pennsylvania Toyota maintenance, it’s critical for all the main parts to be inspected and adjusted as necessary. It’s better to invest some money into your ride today than to be stranded on a cold highway in January.

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