Novitec Rosso Unveils Ferrari CaliforniaT Kit

Novitec Rosso has unveiled their tuning kit for the new California T and I like it a lot! Engine tuning results in a 63.3 kW (86 hp) increase which allows it to hit 100 km/h from stand still in just 3.3 seconds. Special mapping of the engine was done and two Novitec Rosso N-Tronic plug-and-play modules were added to the engine management system. If you would like to add an exhaust system, Novitec has developed a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust and can be offered with sound management bu actively controlling the butterfly valve.

As always, there are bits and pieces of bodywork which give the car a more aggressive look. The cosmetic modification list is as follows;

  • Front spoiler
  • Inserts for the two air intakes on the hood are sharpened
  • Carbon mirror covers
  • Carbon radiator grille
  • Rocker panels and side flaps
  • Carbon roof skin
  • Rear diffuser (plus fins)
  • Rear spoiler lip
  • Carbon covers for tail lamps
  • Novitec alloys (21″ up front and 22″ at the rear)
  • Sports springs lower the ride height by 35mm

The possibilities are endless with Novitec Rosso and the California T and I am very sure we will be seeing a few of these modded convertibles cruising our streets in the very near future.

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